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Contact Numbers

+63 45 981 5564 | +63 999 713 8844

Email Address

[email protected]

Payment Channels

Payment Instructions

Bank Name: Security Bank

Account Name: Argao Health Inc.

Account Number: 000004441824-0


Installment plans are available for BDO Credit Card holders. For in-person payments, please inform our staff of your intention to pay in installment. For online payments, please ask our staff for a secured payment link if you wish to avail of installment plans.

  1. Using your preferred payment method, pay the amount due for the service you are booking with us.
  2. After the payment has been processed, please send a screenshot or the email confirmation to [email protected] so that we can confirm your payment and send the appointment details. Note: for payments made via Bank Transfer, please include your Bank Name, date and time of transfer, and reference number. For GCash and Paymaya payments, please include reference number.
  3. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours of payment, please message us at [email protected] or to +63 917 621 1649.