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Argao Psych is the largest private out-patient mental health center in Central Luzon Region and the only mental health center in the region that fully operates a hybrid set-up, with a seamless integration of its in-Clinic and online psychological services and assessment services through the Argao Psych Web App. It is located in the heart of the City of San Fernando, Pampanga, operated and managed by Argao Health Inc. It was established in 2016 as the Argao Center for Psychological Services by its proprietor Dr. Renz Argao. In 2021, as part of the vision of making Argao Psych the leading mental health provider in the Mega Manila Region, the operations and management of the Center was taken over by the mental health corporation Argao Health Inc. The founders of Argao Health are mental health professionals, advocates, and individuals who share the same values.

As a mental health center, Argao Psych offers four major services: Prevention and Intervention Programs, Assessment Services, Workplace Mental Health Programs, and Training and Continuing Professional Development Programs. The Prevention and Intervention programs include Psychotherapy and Psychological Counseling for individuals, children, couples, families, and groups. We also offer mental health coaching and consultations. For Psychological Assessment, we offer testing and evaluation for various purposes: clinical, employment, forensic/legal, and personal. Lastly, we offer continuing professional development (CPD) programs for mental health professionals.

Argao Psych also offers workplace mental health programs, now through AG Workplace Mental Health. Included in this programs are Employee Assistance Programs, Workplace Wellness Programs and Webinars, and Corporate Training Programs. We also conduct workplace mental health assessments and workplace wellbeing surveys.

Also being prepared for offering are behavioral intervention programs for children and individuals with exceptional needs. These programs will be handled by Argao Behavioral Health.

Argao Psych has invested, and continues to invest, on quality mental health care services which are relevant to the needs of the Filipino and are compliant with ethical, legal, and professional standards. Our goal is to give every Filipino the mental health care they deserve.

Professional Regulations Commission

Granted Permit to Operate by the Professional Regulations Commission through the Professional Regulatory Board of Psychology

PRC CPD Council for Psychology

Accredited Continuing Professional Development Provider

National Privacy Commission

Registered Data Protection Officer and Data Processing System

The motivation behind our work.

Our Vision

Argao Psych envisions itself as the mental health center of choice in the Philippines by 2025.

Our Mission

Argao Psych commits itself to give every Filipino the mental health care they deserve.

The values that define who we are and what we do.

Our Core Values


Integrity is the primary Core Value we must always posses and practice. Our reputation as a mental health company is founded on integrity – one that is nurtured by the trust that our clients and our community gives us. Each of us is responsible to continually earn that trust, therefore, our actions and words should strive to increase the trust that our clients and community place to our Company.


The higher standard that we also hold ourselves to is defined by our commitment to Competence, as this also supports our integrity. We are all called to continuously engage in professional development and growth.


We are also reminded that in the work that we do and in helping people deal and overcome their mental health concerns, we are Accountable not just to one another, we are accountable to humanity. Therefore, all members of our team are reminded to be accountable for their actions and words, for what they do and what they do not do, and for the energy we bring into this world.


We also believe in and foster the Resilience of our community. We work to build resilience within ourselves and the resilience of our Company.


We shall always promote, fight for, and practice Equality. We will not tolerate any form of discrimination and we will promote affirmative action.