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Our Leadership

Argao Psych was founded by mental health professionals and advocates who are dedicated and passionate in providing every Filipino the mental health care they deserve.

Board of Directors

Renz Christian Argao, PhD, RPsy, RPm, DAAETS, CSCLP

President & CEO
Chairman of the Board

Dr. Renz Argao is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Argao Health Inc. He is a Registered Psychologist and Psychometrician, a Certified Specialist in Clinical Psychology by the Psychological Association of the Philippines, a Diplomate of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, and an internationally certified expert in psychotrauma. He is also currently a Member of the World Health Organization Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on Infectious Hazards with Pandemic and Epidemic Potential.

His work as clinical psychologist includes 15 years of experience in clinic administration, case management, psychological assessment, psychotherapy, and mental health and psychosocial support services. He has also led and managed a portfolio of projects and programs on psychosocial rehabilitation of communities affected by the armed conflicts in the Central Mindanao region and communities affected by typhoons and natural disasters. His project portfolio also includes capacity-building programs and psychosocial support services for community volunteers, youth, military, local government units, civil society, and religious leaders. He has worked with various companies, schools, and institutions in the delivery of psychological services to employees and students, development of mental health policies in the workplace, and conduct of mental health programs for various organizations. Dr. Argao has also published journal articles on student mental health.

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In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Renz is a peace activist and is engaged in faith-based diplomacy and development work through Religions for Peace, the world’s largest and most representative multi-religious coalition, where he also serves as a Member of the World Council (Governing Board) and of the International Executive Committee. During the 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace in Lindau, Germany in 2019, he was elected Coordinator (Chair) of the International Youth Committee.  He has led and organized multi-faith actions on youth empowerment, environmental and climate action, humanitarian response, disarmament, positive peace, wellbeing, and diversity and inclusivity. He has also convened interfaith youth peace conferences in the national and international level, bringing together youth leaders and empowering them towards collective action. Dr. Renz served as keynote speaker, resource speaker, and/or panelist in high level meetings and international conferences in various parts of the world such as in Japan, New York, Krakow, Lindau, Brussels, Yangon, Jakarta, Seoul, Manresa, and Phnom Penh. He was also a resource speaker on various fora organized by the World Health Organization, the United Nations Political Forum, Adyan Foundation, KAICIID, Religions for Peace, and other international and local organizations. In recognition of his work, the University of Santo Tomas conferred him the Quezon Leadership Award in 2020 for his singular ability to lead projects and programs.


Dr. Renz is instrumental in strengthening the interfaith youth networks in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific Region through his capacities as the former Youth Coordinator of Religions for Peace Philippines and Co-Moderator of the Asia-Pacific Interfaith Youth Network (APIYN). He is currently the Deputy Secretary General of Religions for Peace Philippines and Moderator (President) of APIYN. He also serves in the Executive Committee of the Asian Conference of Religions for Peace.


Dr. Renz also works in the academe, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology. He is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Santo Tomas Graduate School, where he also served as former Graduate School Community Development Coordinator, Supervising Psychologist of the UST Psychotrauma Clinic, and Consultant for Gender and Development Inclusivity Matters in Higher Education of the Office for Student Affairs. Dr. Renz also served as a faculty member at the University of the Assumption, Far Eastern University, San Beda University, Angeles University Foundation, and has served as Psychology Department Chair of the College of the Holy Spirit Manila. He has conducted hundreds of seminars, workshops, and training on mental health, psychosocial support, traumatic stress, and clinical psychology.


He is a National Adviser of the Youth for Mental Health Coalition and is one of the hosts of WalwalSesh: The Podcast.


He earned his Doctor of Philosophy major in Clinical Psychology degree, magna cum laude, at the University of Santo Tomas, where he also finished his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology degree, magna cum laude. In 2022, he was named The Outstanding Alumni of Angeles University Foundation, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree.

Ar. Michael Gan, MSEnt, uap

Executive Vice President & CFO
Member, Board of Directors

Architect Michael Gan is a licensed Architect and the current Chief Strategist and Vice President for Admin and Finance of Argao Health Inc. An entrepreneur since he was in college, he is currently the Managing Architect of G.U.T. Architects and Builders, the Founder of SmarterOne Philippines Company, and he has engaged in various businesses. He holds a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship degree from De La Salle University Manila and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

John Ismael Medina, MA, RPsy, RPm, LPT

Member, Board of Directors

John Ismael Medina is a registered psychometrician and psychologist, and a licensed professional teacher. He is a graduate of Master of Arts major in Clinical Psychology from the University of Santo Tomas (cum laude) and was given a grade of benemeritus for his master’s thesis entitled, PAGPAPAYABONG PROGRAM: Its Development and Effects on the Psychological Resilience, Well-being and Personal Coping of Selected Filipino Youth. He had conducted several seminars and workshops on Mental Health, Psychological First Aid, and Well-being.

He is affiliated with the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP), a junior volunteer and co-case manager at the UST GS Psychotrauma Clinic. He works as a consultant psychologist at the Argao Center for Psychological Services, and associate psychologist at the Mind Care Center of Perpetual Help Medical Las Pinas. He is also the Communications officer of the Religions for Peace Philippines Youth Committee and the Deputy Secretary General of the Asia and the Pacific Interfaith Youth Network. Currently, Mr. Medina is a faculty member at the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas where he is also taking his Doctor of Philosophy major in Clinical Psychology degree. Just recently, Mr. Medina was granted the title, Certified Specialist in Assessment Psychology (CSAP) by the PAP.

Marc Angelo Ronquillo, MA(cand), RPm

Managing Director, Argao Psych
Member, Board of Directors

Marc Angelo Ronquillo is a registered psychometrician who is currently a Senior Mental Health Clinician at Argao Psych. He is the Managing Director of Argao Psych, where he is responsible for overseeing the various clinical, psychosocial, counseling, and assessment services of the Company. Besides his clinical practice, Marc’s experience in the mental health field includes his work as a Behavioral Specialist for shaping Milestones and Learning Center and as a Human Resource Generalist for Laborem Inc.

Marc completed his Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree at the University of Santo Tomas, where he is currently a candidate for the Master of Arts major in Clinical Psychology degree. The focus of his research is on developing a personality-based typology of Filipino drug users, with the aim of providing a baseline for a personality-based intervention program.

Marc spearheaded the "Inspiring Community Acts of Respect and Empathy: Pay it forward” project which raised funds that can help provide psychotherapy and mental health consultation services for individuals in-need. He has also engaged in volunteer work for the Thomasian mental Health Responders, a project that provided free psychosocial support services to frontliners during the COVID-19 Pandemic. He is a member of various professional organizations such as the Psychological Association of the Philippines and the Philippine Mental Health Association. He is also a member of the Youth Committee of Religions for Peace Philippines.

Mara Carmina Tamayo, MCP, RPm

Managing Director, Argao Behavioral Health
Member, Board of Directors

Mara Carmina Tamayo is the Managing Director of Argao Behavioral Health. She is a Registered Psychometrician who has experience in the clinical setting and in working with children with exceptional needs. She is also currently a mental health clinician at Argao Psych and a former Creative Director at SmarterOne Philippines.

She holds a Master in Counseling Psychology degree at the Ateneo de Manila University, and she holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree from the University of Santo Tomas.

Ian Kevin Tubelleja, MBA, RPm

Corporate Secretary

Ian Kevin Tubelleja is the current Business Manager and Corporate Secretary of Argao Health Inc. He is a Registered Psychometrician. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from San Beda University and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree from the College of the Holy Spirit Manila. Prior to joining Argao Health Inc., Ian worked as a Human Resource Specialist with experience in private and non-government organizations. He was a former Human Resources Manager at Alliance for Improving Health Outcomes, Inc. (AIHO) and HR Officer of RG Palanca Construction and Development Corp. He also worked as a Psychometrician for Saint Benedict Assessment Center.

Former Directors

Former Members of the Board of Directors

Elgene Gary Argao

Former Member, Board of Directors

Gio Jose Argao

Former Member, Board of Directors

Renz Einan Mangaran, RPm

Former Member, Board of Directors